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Prochamps is a web-based property registration platform that offers rental registration & licensing, vacant property registration, and foreclosure registration.

For over 10 years, the company has been successfully partnering with hundreds of communities across the U.S.A to fight blight and promote neighborhood health, safety and welfare through property registration. Prochamps’ proactive approach to property registration utilizes industry standard best practices on behalf of partnering municipalities and local governments that includes researching, identifying, tracking and establishing contact information with responsible parties.

Developed in 2019, the mobile app provides a fast and friendly way for communities to assign, track and complete property inspections.

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Petparent is an animal welfare solution provider. Its program builds an inclusive and high capture rate pet registry and animal services programming to work towards no kill shelters, help animal services, and return lost pets to their owners.

Petparent’s program is comprised of three major components:

1. A Community-branded website – increased access to pet and pet owner data from any internet-enabled device;
2. A community-centric rewards program – enhance services to pet owners and the community at large;
3. Pet tag and reward card fulfillment program – enhance services to pet owners and the community at large.

Petparent’s licensing and registration solution is entirely web-based and has the following main features:
– On-site Payment
– Pet Owner and Animal Look-up
– Account Editing, Updating & Note-taking
– On Demand Financial and Sales Reporting
– Website Content Management

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Providing military and law enforcement agencies of all sizes with supply, experience, technology and logistics to streamline their armory program needs so they can concentrate their resources on their core mission.

Intelleo is a web-based application that provides Inventory Management Solutions to help organizations track and records all firearm repairs and upgrades. Weapons testing following repairs and upgrades, maintenance records for firearms use and training: documentation, certification, accreditation.

Within Intelleo suite of software solutions (Leochamp), there is a web based Range and Armory Management system specifically designed with the needs of agencies in mind. Leochamp has proven its exceptional ability to manage, track and account for both department owned firearms and off-duty approved carries. This robust application provides:
– Inventory management solutions
– Conducts, tracks and records all firearm repairs and upgrades
– Weapons testing following repairs and upgrades
– Documentation
– Certification
– Accreditation to ensure legal compliance with local, state, and federal laws

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